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کرسی(Korsi) and Kotatu

Posted by japansmallpotatoes on November 28, 2009

One winter in the 1980’s, I was invited to home of a business acquaintance Mr. Shoraka in Tehran, Iran and I was surprised to see کرسی (Korsi) in his rather smaller room. 

Traditional house of Japan is made of woods and papers and, therefore, its airtightness is not good.  So, a central heating equipment was not developped in Japan and we used to have a Kotatu which is area (or personal) heating equipment when I was young. Heating source was charcoal at that time, which is naturally replaced with electricity by now. Kotatu is unique to the region and I think there are no similar equipments in the neighbour countries:  Korea and China.   

Iran’s Korsi is exactly same as our Kotatsu. You can see the similarity in the attached pictures. The above two pictures are picked up from Persian web sites and below two paintings are made in Japan’s Edo period (about 200 years ago).   


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